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Pro-Drive Fasteners®

Urethane Striking Faces (Poly Caps)

Urethane Striking Faces (Poly Caps)

Color and Duro

We offer the option of five (5) different color-coded screw on heads, denoting hardness, and densities for each of the various interchangeable screw on heads:

  1. Orange =   Soft,
  2. Brown =     Medium Soft
  3. Green =     Medium Hard
  4. Red =         Extra Hard
  5. Black =      Tough

Unaffected by liquids, solvents and lubricants, these solid urethane faces can be configured in any combination to create the perfect striking tool. Our 100% Hickory Handles are secured to the head castings by our patent pending process that eliminates head separation. We have eliminated the issue of over tighten POLY cap in the casting with our patent pending process.

They will not damage, mar, dent, or deface, while providing a solid high impact with a resilient strike face. Designed to fit many other types of mallets with 3/8" -16 thread pattern.

These Poly Caps "faces" offer high impact, non-damaging strike qualities.  They are a measurably improved replacement for old school striking tools with Lead, Leather, Rawhide or Rubber mallet faces.

ProDriveHD Urethane faces are offered with in five (5) different color-coded screw on heads, denoting hardness, and densities.

Replacement Screw-on Strike face caps, available in all densities (colors) are Engineered and Guarantee to interchange with 2” screw Urethane caps and fit the leading brands of flooring mallets or your money back

Proudly Made in the USA

WARNING: This product contains Urethane, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to


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