Collection: Air Hoses & Accessories

Pro-Drive Fasteners® accessories are of high quality and include hoses, fittings, and tapping blocks. 

  • E-Z Connect™ Braided Air Hoses eliminate the need for whip hoses with straight sections. They have a maximum working pressure of 200psi and have excellent cold weather flexibility. They are 40-50% lighter than traditional air hoses. 
  • E-Z Connect™ Fittings, Couplers & Splicers are industrial grade for heavy duty use. They are designed for use in the DIY market as well as meeting the demands of the professional tradesman. 
  • E-Z Connect™ Tapping Block are durable made from 1" solid, high-quality material. They are ideal ideal for tapping Vinyl Plank, Engineered or Solid Hardwood Flooring.