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Pro-Drive Fasteners®

ORK-6 Service Repair O-Ring Kit

ORK-6 Service Repair O-Ring Kit

Pro-Drive Fasteners® ORK6 O-Ring: Kit Fits: MOST Bostitch® 15ga Flooring staplers and 16ga L CLEAT Tools MIII886, MIII812, MIIIFS, MIIIFN, MFIII, MF-200, BTFP12569. 

Ideal for pneumatic flooring tool maintenance.  

Comes with:
86460 - Poppet Piston O-Ring
850144 - Plunger O-Ring (External)
86458 - Plunger O-Ring (Internal)
850143 - Poppet I.D. O-Ring (PU)
850626 - Piston O-Ring 
#180256 (6500)  - Cap Gasket (Small) 
BC1329 #6500 - Cap Gasket (Big)
88998 - Piloted Valve O-Ring (Lower) x2

    The Bostitch® ORK6 O-ring kit makes it quick and easy for just about anyone to rebuild their nailer or Stapler; and it will save you time and money over sending the tool out for service. The ORK6 contains everything you need to get your nailer  or Stapler running like new again You'll have your tool up and running again in no time, and it will run just like it did the first day you took it out of the box. 

    WARNING: This product contains Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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